DIY Wine cork chalkboard

This whole week has been nothing but A super DIY one. As I’m working on my ideas for the “Wine and Cheese” setup, well I started working on a little DIY project (that I Love) saw it in pinterest (OBVIOUSLY) LOL….. If you collect wine corks like we do, well than you will love this!! Wine corks and chalkboard two of my favorite things put together !! How brilliant!! This is so much fun and easy to make.. you can even use a picture frame if you want..Follow my super easy step by step tutorial…

Here is what I needed, chalkboard, Acrylic paint, Glue gun and corks…


As usual you decide what color you want to paint the frame, I went with black.


Now at this moment, if you read my last post you should be drinking a nice glass of wine so take a Sip and do not please do not forget the cheese!!!LOL

Than we are going to glue the Corks, one by one..


HOORAY! You just created something so unique and different!! here is your very own cork chalkboard!!!



I love how each cork has a little story and a little memory to it. I am putting my chalkboard to work!! I am super excited to show my friends and family some of the little things that have been created with so much love!! Now let’s make this “Wine and Cheese” setup a pure success!! Cheers to life, creations, diy and crafts!!! LOL…

“Her heart said, “It’s time to create!” Her soul overheard and replied, “It’s about time!”

Peace, Love, happiness & Light

Gisella Ramirez


Wine and Cheese

Such a great and super productive day, filled with some therapeutic shopping, purchasing all the last minute things for my sons upcoming Birthday Bash, getting kitchen ready and getting things together for my husbands birthday dinner tomorrow (andddd breathe) LOL. Now I can blog about some super exciting things I am working on .. With the planning of our sons party that is in the weekend( OH LORD) It’s crunch time!!! I’m trying to take care of last minute things. To me it’s ALL in the details, the most simplest yet meaningful thing can always go a long way.. that little detail that gives the presentation a pop, So my focus right now is on my “Wine and Cheese” setup for the adults… Hey who said the adults can’t have fun in a teenager party!!! My son is turning “13”  so you better believe I will be celebrating the new journey he is entering, especially when surrounded with our closest friends and family!WooHoo… I checked pinterest for some inspiration and found some great ideas, I want to keep it SUPER simple, just a little token of gratitude for everyone that took time out of their busy lives to come celebrate our sons day!! Here are some wonderful inspirations…















Now if your anything like me than after seeing these pictures your thinking about drinking  a nice glass of wine accompanied by some delicious cheese LOL.. I started working on a little project for my “Wine and Dine ” setup, will post as soon as I finish it.. (This DIY soul of mine just likes to come out and play)LOL…

“Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words”

Peace, Love, Happiness & Light,

Gisella Ramirez

Quote Gallery wall

What a way to start this week!! Can we say GREAT with a side of tired LOL!!!! I am sooooo sorry I have been MIA.. But with the mini remodel of our beautiful Kitchen, planning our sons Birthday and not to mention my husbands birthday is in 2 days! AHHHHHH.. -sorry I needed that LOL.. Well I am going loca LOL…This weekend we went full on in our kithen, It’s officially gray!! Yippeeeee…. We love love love it!! It feels so airy, so crisp, so new, peaceful and I have to say the feeling I have right now is simply amazing, not even words could ever explain it. Turning A house into a home is such a humbling experience. This morning I couldn’t help but just feel Blessed.. Blessed for being apart of this journey and sharing it with my little family team. But behold we are far from done.. We are currently deciding what color to paint the cabinets and a couple of other small details , it’s sooooo exciting!!! Now let’s talk about the bar wall we created.. We are big wine drinkers and live to host, always have to have that special place to just mingle LOL..after we finished painting the kitchen we decided to create our “Bar wall”.. I got super inspired by pinterest,  with my love for quotes it was only natural that I make a quote gallery wall with a side of some DIY goodies. Wine, quotes, diy, burlap and all with meanings well these are a few of my favorite thingsssss (singing again) LOL. Can’t help it I’m super excited.. Soooo what do you guys think???



Some Diy took place in this project, adding Dream & Laugh…

R– (our signature sealing the job)- we are the Ramirez Family and we rock!! LOL…


A trip to the basement gave me 3 amazing canvases that I turned into chalkboards… added some quotes that I love and speak to me…


I’m guilty I use wine to cook…LOL- wine holder and sign are from Homegoods…



The burlap is actually a wine bottle holder that a good friend of mine gave to me..


I seriously can’t stop staring, I found myself drinking my tea by the wall this morning LOL.. Once the bar cart is added I will post the end results, which already is getting me excited… while creating and also as with life take your time, enjoy the journey, make it all count, I can’t wait to share a little piece of my world with you. Like I said before the kitchen is a big part of our lives as a family unit. Cooking, dancing , singing and lots of memories have been created in their. I can’t wait to start creating new memories as we are turning our house into a home one step at a time…

“People who love to eat are always the best people”

Peace, Love, Happiness & Light,

Gisella Ramirez

Ramirez Kitchen Project

It’s Friday, Aoowwwww, It’s a start to a great weekend! We have so much to do that I don’t know where to begin LOL.. I feel like a chicken with no head, well for now I am going to sit and Blog to get some excitement out of my system, especially since dinner has been ordered and the kids decided it to be a Twilight marathon kind of day lol (yes we are ALL obsessed with the whole Edward and Bella Story LOL) They call me Bella and My Husband is Edward just to let you know..LOL.. With that said I am brainstorming through some GREAT ideas for our kitchen to tame my creative soul, since this weekend we will start “Ramirez Kitchen Project” I am trying to get inspired with some budget friendly kitchen ideas. We decided to put the whole (LET’S GUT THE KITCHEN AHHH) on hold until next year!! We know exactly what we want and let’s just say it is not going to cost a dollar, sooo we want to do it right, and get ready for the beautiful process of creating our dream kitchen together when we are ready!!!! Soooo for now we are going to do a nice budget friendly fixer upper kitchen by adding some lovely DIY Madness to it and making it our own with a little story to it…and as usual I went on Pinterest and got super Inspired!!! PINTEREST ROCKS!!! Oh lord their are so many ideas in the world that sometimes I just want to explode LOL.. But we already have a vision of what we want, and other than the Bar cart that we are going to add well guess what ?? We are also adding a coffee/tea station!! I fell In love.. I am a HUGE tea drinker, and it would be so nice to have a little station dedicated to all the teas I collect especially since I can  finally put my vintage tea set to work!!! Exciting!!!

I am such a sucker for a Gray Kitchen!! Gray is my new Favorite color!!!











Coffe/ Tea Station Ideas Woohoo!!!







I will be posting step by step as we create our vision into reality in hopes of inspiring you in any way, from the painting to creating our little station… When creating your home, do it with positive energy and a happy mind knowing that right now is where you want to be!!

“Make Tea, not war”

Peace, Love, Happiness & Light

Gisella Ramirez

I’m Inspired!!

Quick somebody pinch me I fell into a “I’m so inspired coma” LOL… Just to let you know since I was a little girl I have always loved being creative (They call me the creator LOL).. Well I personally find any reason just to make some Crafts, Diy projects or plan parties, seriously!! Just so I can create the best memorable party theme ever and also everything that comes with it, Diy, cooking, planning, dancing, decorating and hosting!!! I love the whole concept of celebrating small things with the people you love, especially while creating some fun filled memories together. Only thing is I am a bit of a perfectionist, I want EVERYTHING to be perfect LOL, down to the balloons LOL. Which is NO BUENO (not good). So I have been on a journey of self discovery lately, trying to get aligned with my soul, I wasn’t listening to it. I am learning so much about myself that I honestly never knew I had in me-it’s exciting. I am not a perfect person nor ever try to be (hello I’m a perfectionist LOL) . But I thank god every single day for each waking moment that he gives me another blessed day to make things right and be a better person for myself and of course for my family circle, everything  I do is really for them.. always trying to do everything with pure honest love, especially when doing something that means alot to me, send out positive energy to receive a positive life worth living.. DO EVERYTHING WITH ENDLESS & REAL LOVE. I finally feel like I’m living the life of my dreams (somebody pinch me)- Again LOL.. I don’t want to wake up.This moment right now is what really matters to me, and for that I am beyond grateful..(okay enough about my emotional outburst LOL.. ) Now lets plan this party!!! My son is turning 13!!! OMG I just feel like time flies by wayyyyy to fast… Well we asked our little guy how does he want to celebrate, and of course Mr. popular wants to have his friends and family over our home!!! Okay, that’s great but how many kids are we talking about? 25!!! yeah you heard it 25…Oh my god LOL… well on our mission to make this the best day ever for him with a side of my party planning mind, I am on full blast with ideas.. Super Excited!!! Theme is “Let him shine” it’s his special day so I want it to be alllll about him!!!! Entering the teenage years in my eyes is a huge step in life, and we are so proud that we were blessed with this little humble boy with a big heart!!! <sigh>.. I have been looking for so much inspiration and ideas through pinterest and so far it has been successful. Take a look at my vision board for our sons big day..All I see is Burlap, Gold and chalkboard!!!! These are a few of  my favoriteeee things (yeah I’m singing)…






















Ohhh the possibilities!!!! I love them all. I am so ready to make this a beautiful and successful party. I already have my vision board, 90 percent of everything will be handmade which I live for!!! I can’t wait to share with everyone the end result, especially the face on my sons big day, because in all reality it is ALL for him!!!!

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts”

Peace, Love, Happiness & Light,

Gisella Ramirez

Let’s get Organized!!

TODAY WAS AN AWESOME DAY!!!!!! okay, yes I’m shouting!!! LOL.. So I’m totally excited right now, in the midst of planning our sons birthday bash and receiving some great news WELLLLL life is good!!! WWOOOOHHHOOOOO… LOL.. Can you tell that I am in a good mood, just blame it on the day, sun was out, so beautiful, birds chirping, light beaming in our home, and I actually took a look at my garden today and saw some green (okay maybe like a needle size green wayyyyy under the snow) But the point is I saw it!! LOL..Today after getting things done for my sons big bash (Woot Woot ) lol..I came home and decided to declutter our room and get ready for Spring, It’s almost here, I smell it. Ladies and Gentlemen, if  your anything like me than you need to somehow grow another body to wear all your clothes and accessories. I needed a solution for my belts and scarves, for some reason I keep buying belts that I don’t even end up wearing lol.. My neighbor aka “sidekick” came over and I put her to work lol.. ( I’m such an awesome friend) LOL..yeah, thats right I put her to work.. (mission Organize) LOL.. don’t worry she loved it and my girls did too, but unfortunately can’t say the same for my son, since he commented “oh lord I’m in a girls world today “LOL…

Now I used a drawer box from Ikea (found it in my basement, like my husband says “no need to shop boo, check the basement” SO TRUE!!! ), So I used the box and put all the belts in it…


and than this happened, ahhhh so organized!!!


Now it’s hanging out with my bags trying to fit in, and it sure will.. I’m working on a post of painting our closets (coming soon)!!!!WOOHOOO!!!!


Let’s talk about scarves!! I know we only have one neck, but my mother sews, crochets and knits you name it she does it.. I have such a talented mom, she had a design line called “Gisella”  (HEY THAT’S MY NAME) lol.. and made wonderful clothes, but now she does it for us!! And for that between my girls and I well we pretty much have a million scarves, clothes and gloves that she makes for us lol.. I LOVE THEM and I ADORE HER!!!!

Now this time my girlfriend grabbed a hanger and put the scarves so nice and pretty, for me, check it out …


Okay, now let’s talk about my Vanity Table!!! Every girl needs a vanity table , I sure do lol.. So here’s a picture of how organized , beautiful and perfect it looks ,I ‘m so happy with how it looks, this is My little space where I get beautified, my sanctuary everyone in the house knows “when mama is on her vanity table leave her alone”..LOL..

This is my little space..




Mission complete next will be clothes, Can’t wait to get my closet SPRING READY, Sometimes it’s just the little things that fill your heart up with endless love and happiness.. Organizing my little space made my heart so full, especially while creating  it with special people in my life..

“Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you”

Peace, Love , Happiness & Light

Gisella Ramirez

Our Gallery Wall

Hooray Hooray, it’s done, it’s done and it’s just so simply magical… now what is a good old gallery wall without some DIY, love and inspiration in it????…This isn’t just any gallery,  it’s one that was created on our chevron wall ( which I slaved over hand and foot and am super proud of )…I decided to go with a simple theme.. I want the chevron to stand out !!! Today was a GREAT day, I scored so BIG when I went to Homegoods and got an awesome mirror and a inspiring sign ( a couple of other goodies for other home projects that I will post soon).. Well on our way back after high demand from some kids that keep following me ( my 3 kids LOL) we took a short trip to Michaels, oh my god, I got the cutest little frames $1.50 each, but as usual little Mrs. Coupon was up for the challenge , and paid $1.30 for all THREE frames..aaaoooowwwwww in your face!!!! A visit to Michaels always gets all my creative juices flowing!!! Now this wall party was super easy, fun and heartfelt…

Check out the goodies that I got in homegoods (wish I could live their)

My mirror


My inspiration sign that is speaking the absolute TRUTH!!!


I bought the (&) sign in michaels for 99 cents.. decided to paint it with acryllic metallic paint


and this is how it turned out!!! Audience: Wow! LOL


These are the frames I bought in Michaels, so cute!!!!


And presenting the new masterpiece at “The Ramirez Home” Our chevron Gallery Wall woot woot woot!!




Super simple but so extra meaningful… we loveeeee it!!! It’s our new happy place, the hallway is still not completely done, still need to put curtain and door knobs, but hey we are getting steps.. you should always take your time when creating spaces in your home.. intake the memories because later on you will miss them..

“A home should feel collected instead of decorated”

Peace, Love, Happiness & Light,

Gisella Ramirez

I was nominated for The LIEBSTER Award!!

AAAHHHHHH.. Oh my god I am super Excited , Me Gisella From Serendipity Delight got nominated for the Liebster award.. Now how cool is that, I really just opened this blog a month or so ago, so to get nominated and even acknowledged makes me feel super accomplished.. First off,  I want to thank the academy LOL.. and My wonderful and amazing craft addict friend Marisa only god knows why he puts certain people in your path.. And Marisa (are you out there??? ) well you are definitely GOD SENT!!!! Thank you so very very much for your inspiration and helping me with my never ending blog questions..YOU ROCK!!!!

Rules for The Liebster Award:

 1. List 11 random facts about yourself
2. Answer 11 questions that the blogger who nominated you has asked
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less that 200 followers
4. Let those bloggers know you nominated them
5. No Tag Backs
(sounds serious) LOL…

Random facts about me

1. I have three creative, wonderful, funny, smart and loving children, that complete my world…

2. I am married to my high school sweetheart ( awww.. Don’t get mushy on me) LOL

3.I love musicals actually obsessed with them.. ex: Grease, Hairspray, Mama Mia etc…

4. I am a very crazy craft lady, anything inspiring, crafty or DIY count me in

5. My husband and I celebrate our 10th year wedding anniversary this year…we are planning our vow renewal ceremony (WOOHOOO)

6. I am the best of all trades!! LOL.. Daycare provider, Assistant teacher and a Real Estate Agent, BUTTTT  I am in the works of opening an Etsy shop with a side of party planning , Currently raising my children, practicing Real Estate only with investors and running a successful business with my husband.. Wooooo…(and breath ) LOL….

7. I have always secretly wanted to open a craft studio ( you never know, sky is not the limit)

8. I dream of having a farm one day.. I even have the name (Ramirez farm) <sigh>

9. I believe family is EVERYTHING… at least for me, my family is my life..

10. I have BIG goals.. feel grateful at how much I have accomplished for my age.. Just so you know I am 20 years old..LOL (I wish) Okay I’m really 31 hahahahaha….

11.I have always loved to decorate, obsessed with it , I am my family and friends Private Party Planner LOL.

12. okay so what I added one more..LOL .. I am an expert Karaoke Singer LOL (beware)

Marisa’s questions to me:

1. What is your FAVE store to go shop at? Hmmm is this a trick question… Ugh I have so many…okay well just to name a few- Anthropologie, Michaels, Homegoods…oh god I can’t just name one LOL…

2. What made you  decide to start a blog? This is where I get emotional LOL.. I actually opened one years ago and never executed it, than after abandoning it lol.. my family and friends gave me that push I needed to pursue it, I wanted to share my creative ideas with others and get inspired as well as inspire others… I also want to open an etsy shop, that one day will turn into a craft store (Yes I am a dreamer) LOL.. so what better way to blog the journey LOL…

3. What is your makeup style…{Example: Do you love to play up your eyes, or are you more of a bold lip kinda gal?} I love love makeup, love getting dressed up and feeling like a glamorous lady, I really like playing with my eyes.. I do not use too much foundation, do not really need it, love me some bold lips. But I also like it natural…

4. What is your “go to” item of clothing? Ummmm… Leopard and anything that is PINK or GRAY!!! LOL… I also love my jeggings..

5. What is your style when it comes to your home and décor? I love COLOR… I’m working on so much projects right now.. we are working from white and gray paint and glamming it up with our style.. color!!! Love vintage we collect antiques, love the old, distressed look…

6. What is your FAVE pattern? ahhh CHEVRON!!! I know I’m totally obsessed..LOL

7. Name one thing that is on your bucket list… A vacation home.. That’s our BIG Goal right now..Keeping fingers crossed…

8.  What is something you would LOVE to blog about, but have yet to “take the plunge”? {come on, we all have that one subject we want to tackle, or at least think about tackling…or is it just me?} you know the blogging world is tricky.. people do not see all the work that is put into it.. I would love to blog about a pregnancy, I know I said it, but for now that ship has sailed LOL.. hey you never know..hahahaha…

9. Name one thing about yourself that you love…umm I am SUPER positive and live a positive life, I always try to stay away from the negative (hello who has time for that??) LOL… Live a positive life people!!!!

10. What is your all time FAVE makeup or skincare product? Skin care product hands down Aveeno.. favorite makeup too many to list but I am totally obsessed with Mac and Chanel products,  AND lets just say going to Sephora is always an all day trip lol…

11. When it comes to crafting/DIY projects/sewing etc., what is one tool or item you could not live without? This is easy!! My magical Glue gun!!!!

Now I nominate these amazing Bloggers that have inspired me so much!!!

okay I have 12 SORRY!!! LOL

Here are my questions: bwaaahhhaaaa Have fun answering them!!!

1. Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what is it???

2. What’s your fashion style??

3.  If I said I would buy you an airline ticket, where would you go??? LOL..

4. Who’s your favorite musician?

5.Where are you from?

6. I know we all have dreams, so what’s yours??

7. Are you a Craftaholic like me?? If so what do you enjoy the most???

8.What made you open a blog?

9.I am addicted to collecting quotes ( I have a book filled with them) so what’s your favorite quote???

10. If you had to describe your life in one word what would it be??

11. Red wine or white ?? LOL…

Okay my amazing ladies, ENJOY!!! Remember that you all truly inspire me, we should all truly stick together.. I hope you have fun answering these questions.. Please let me know when you post the answers to my questions!! I am so extremely excited in seeing everyones answers!!! You guys ROCK!!!!

“Women should empower each other, together we can rule the blogging world”

Peace, Love, Happiness & Light,

Gisella Ramirez

My Chevron obsession continues

If you are reading this blog post, than that means I have successfully finished the chevron wall WOOHOO!!! (excuse me while I shout out of complete and utter excitement) Lord has this weekend been busy but yet productive.. we brought our home 8 years ago and honestly it has been quite a journey, We call it our little never ending project..It just never ends!!!! Come on who agrees with me!?! LOL… As the time passes we always try to do little projects in our home…it’s always exciting to see the outcome, especially while creating our little “family decorating memories”..Today I woke up ready to decorate a baby shower, but unfortunately due to the weather it got postponed, which to my husband turned into (A Home depot day )lol.. Now waking up beside the man of your dreams and your 3 children is certainly a breathtaking feeling, BUT waking up next to a crazy man with brushes and a measuring tape, babbling on about the basement plans and three children asking me to take them to Michaels is a little CRAZY !! LOL.. but hey that’s how we roll.LOL.. I love them , I love their energy, their vision, their light, they give me that push. So Might I say I just feel super excited… This hallway is actually turning into my NEW favorite place!!! I used a Chevron stencil that I used for My sons room, instead of wasting money on getting wallpaper. This project has cost us ZERO DOLLARS!!!! Right now the Ramirez Family is on a STRICT BUDGET, due to some exciting news coming in the summer yayyyy!!! I am really happy with how it turned out..This hallway to me is like art… what do you think!?! It’s not done I need to put some touches to it.. Like COLOR!!! LOL…

This was the hallway before



When white meets yellow


Now this is a step by step tutorial, easy short and sweet LOL.. If you are obsessed with chevron like I am, then you will appreciate this LOL…

I brought the stencil in Etsy.. Just tape it to the wall and paint away…


It should look like this..


Then after a quick visit to Michaels for my first Ever “Pinterest party” which was exciting and fun, I came back and finished.. Still need to get a curtain and door knob..



It’s not perfect, but to us it’s everything.. I love it….now after that happened, this happened LOL


We decided to paint the door black LOL… thanks to my husbands great ideas LOL. But I LOVE IT… (do you see my handmade burlap key holder!?!)


WAIT!!! Then this happened..LOL… we painted the stairs black and white LOL.. I don’t know what happen but we seriously went Paint crazy today LOL..


Blood, sweat and tears.. Blood from getting a splinter, sweat (hello I worked double shift today LOL) Tears, who doesn’t get emotional after seeing your vision turn into reality. I have this light on me that I just can’t explain, brainstorming through things, I just feel so inspired and can’t wait to share the rest of our DIY and projects with everyone.. This is our home, it is our everything..

“I live in my own little world. But its ok, they know me here.”

Peace, Love , Happiness and Light,

Gisella Ramirez